Team super lekker raises money for SOS Children’s villages

On the 14 th of October ’18 Team Super Lekker raised over €1100,- with a BBQ for charity. With our trip from Rotterdam to Cape Town we want to raise awareness and support SOS children’s villages. This money will go towards SOS and we are very grateful to all who made this BBQ a success. If you still want to contribute to SOS children’s village than donate here. We will make sure 100% will go to charity and show you first hand during our trip what the money is used for.

This BBQ was also the moment to reveal our new improved vehicle to friends and family and to show the hard work the team did for the last few months. For some of us this was the last time we saw friends and family as we are leaving in 3 weeks…

The biggest challenge of this project started with the purchase of the bus in May 2018, it was completely black on the outside, not ideal for hot African sun so within weeks the bus was painted white and the ceiling, floor and everything in the bus was taken out.

5 months later our bus is fitted with 8 single beds with USB, toilet/shower and a fully equipped kitchen including fridge, freezer, oven and even a marble counter top…  We also want to be aware of our environment therefore we installed a water filter on a 1200 liter tank which will make sure we will always have clean drinking water from the tap (no need for plastic) and we installed solar panels, because…There is a lot of sun in Africa which we can use.

With 3 weeks to go there are still some things that need to be taken care of, but our departure is still going to be the 6th of November. Africa, here we come!